As a full-time paramedic at a local hospital working nights and weekends, Terry noticed that the stressed and exhausted caregivers had few dining options after hospital cafeterias closed.  He saw a need for good, convenient, affordable food for those not wanting to leave the facility, and the idea for Say Cheese! was born.

Allison, a committed elementary school teacher, struggled to find work/life balance between her classroom and their 4 children.  Disheartened about the lack of time available to spend with her busy family, Allison began to contemplate merging her love of cooking & entertaining with Terry’s idea of a food truck.

After much consideration, the couple purchased a concession trailer in November, 2014.  Over the next few weeks, they began experimenting with recipes, and testing them out on friends to refine their menu.

By February, 2015, Say Cheese! was officially open for business, and they have been cooking up grilled sandwich goodness ever since!

Natalie Cunha

Sweet baby unicorns. I was worried about the Elvis sandwich being kinda weird, but it is delicious!!! And my kids really enjoyed their triple decker. Thanks for the snacks!

Beth Pittman Hutton

Enjoyed a sandwich and soup last month when you were at West Clinic. I have been looking for you ever since. Glad to find you in Facebook so I know where you are!!!! Glad to see you will be down the street from West Clinic tomorrow!!! Can't wait!!!

Keith Edwards

These are the kinds of grilled cheeses that the angels make for Jesus in heaven when he has a hankering for a delicious sandwich.

Valarie Thurman Koonce

YUMMY !!!!!! The triple decker is AWESOME and the tomato soup is pretty darn good too!!!!

Lynze Hagan

Great grilled cheese and they have the best tomato soup!

Val Lofton

Fantastic! I will try each one several times! So happy to have them in town! :)